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Brigham Health Sleep Reading Center

The Sleep Reading Center (SRC) tailors our full range of service offerings to best meet the specific needs of each study. We are the first and largest research sleep reading center with vast experience in study design and oversight.

The SRC offers a complete suite of services including the in-house capability to create scalable and responsive website solutions for data collection and reporting. The SRC has rigorous quality control and quality improvement processes, offers highly reliable scoring by research polysomnologists using AASM standards, and can perform advanced signal processing for EEG, ECG, and respiratory signals. The SRC also provides sophisticated data management services and timely reporting for each project.

For studies with data sharing requirements, the SRC can work with your study team to ensure that study documentation and data collected will be ready to share with the research community. The SRC works closely with the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR), an NHLBI-funded resource designed to host and share data from major sleep cohort studies and clinical trials. Uploading data to the NSRR satisfies requirements of the NIH Data Sharing Policy.

The SRC works with study sponsors to define the most appropriate scope of work for each project. Specific processing and analytic services include:

  • Protocol Development and Standardization
  • Staff Training and Certification
  • Equipment Certification Services
  • Polysomnography Scoring
  • Actigraphy Analysis
  • Oximetry Analysis
  • Quantitative EEG, ECG and respiratory analysis
  • Quality Control Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Statistical Analysis Support
  • Web-based data sharing and visualization
  • Archival and repository creation


  • On-site and off-site training
  • Customized data collection protocol development
  • Thorough understanding of AASM scoring rules, terminology and technical specifications
  • Highly reliable scoring of full and limited-channel polysomnograms
  • Advanced signal processing to produce state-of-the-art quantitative metrics
  • Respiratory analysis of inspiratory flow limitation
  • Customized reporting and dataset generation
  • Urgent alert identification
  • Assistance with equipment selection, standardization and certification


  • Customized data collection protocol development
  • Reliable assessment of activity patterns to estimate sleep/wake parameters
  • Generation of parametric and non-parametric to measure diurnal rhythms
  • Reporting and dataset generation
  • Assistance with equipment selection, standardization and certification
  • Rest-activity rhythm analysis with parametric and non-parametric approach


  • Analysis of oximetry data collected via polysomnograms or standalone devices
  • Urgent alert identification
  • Data management and reporting


  • Spectral analysis
  • Artifact rejection
  • Spindle detection
  • Cycle-specific analysis
  • Multiscale entropy


  • Heart rate variability analysis in time and frequency domain
  • Multiscale entropy analysis